Due to variety of services offering, the company Status Quo Doo is divided into three business units, which rely on each other in work and function as a whole. Such an organization influences the efficiency and contributes to reducing costs, which enables us to offer a significant difference in the price comparing to competition.
The common point of all services delivered by the company Status Quo Doo is a strict and constant control of quality of service, which is unique for the whole company. Our management is constantly seeking to achieve the targets set by standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
Transport of goods by road within the territory of Europe and Asia. Transport of hazardous loads, container and group transport, delivery "to door" transport of goods under the extreme temperatures, etc
Import-export brokerage, warehousing and customs. Reduce the time spent for your goods in the warehouse at the customs.
Full service of delivering and passenger cars, inspection, cleaning and constant maintenance. All the vehicles in one location, special offers for companies with more cars.