The main activity of the company Status Quo Doo is transporting goods in international road transport, and this activity has brought 90% of the total turnover last year. Besides transport, Status Quo Doo offers other services in the field of logistics and international freight services. Commerce is a secondary activity, and in our range of products you could find accessories for vehicles as well as the drivers  
Status Quo Doo was founded in December 1992, aiming its development at the Western European market. In less than two decades it has grown into a group of medium size enterprise with 120 full-time employees in three separate business units. In January 2000 the International Freight Business Unit was established, based in Uzice in the street Milos Obrenovic 2. With the expansion and modernization of the vehicle fleet, demanding need for services initiated the opening of the business unit Kosjerić auto base, which provides technical inspection services and services for their own use and for third parties. Kosjerić auto base was purchased on 22.07.2005 from the transporting company Raketa, and the development and improvement of this facility are top priorities for Status Quo Doo.
With the renowned participation of Serbia in TIR system, Status Quo Doo. in 2003 among the first in Serbia, launched their services to the Russian market. We are currently one of the leading transport companies in Serbia operating in the territories of the former Soviet Union.
Since 2006 Status Quo company is an official dealer of Humbaur GmbH, German producer of semi-trailers and tippers.   Based on the needs of the market, the vehicle fleet expanded in 2009 with new towed vehicles – refrigerator trucks that enabled Status Quo Doo to extend its offer of services.   Since its establishment, the company is headed by a Director General Elena Basangova, mostly responsible for the development of the enterprise. The vision of a modern business approach was applied in our company and is reflected in the quality and selection of qualified personnel, modern equipment and application of the latest technology, in order to meet quality requirements of clients.

Memberships, awards and acknowledgements     
Status Quo Doo is a member of the vocational Business Association of International Hauliers of Serbia. This non-profit association is founded to bring together all the private hauliers of Serbia and to improve road transport services. The CEO of our company Mr. Branko Bešević serves as vice president of the Association.
Our company has been awarded medals for achievements in business in Uzice district in 2006. This prestigious award in the field of business was awarded by the Regional Chamber of Commerce.
In mid-2008 the company Status Quo Doo received the Charter of Captain Misa Anastasijevic.  
In December 2010, the Regional Chamber of Commerce awarded Mr. Branko Bešević, the owner of the company Status Quo Doo a diploma for the results achieved in business and development of the chamber.
On 28th of December 2010, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce awarded the company Status Quo Doo for its achievements in the development and improvement of the economy through the TIR system.
 In April 2011, in Geneva, Mr. Branko Bešević of IRU (International Road Transport Union) was given an award of: "IRU AWARD FOR TOP ROAD TRANSPORT MANAGERS". 
In September 2011, Mr. Branko Bešević received the Charter of the City of Uzice as the most successful businessman in the region.